Why Akasha?

Akasha Beauty Oil is made from plants, never harsh chemicals.  Vegan, natural, organic ingredients fuel this beauty oil delivering superior hydration, protection while enhancing skin elasticity.  
Akasha Beauty Oil comes in Miron UV protected glass, maintaining the natural frequency of the product, protecting it from damaging light and impurities.
The name "Akasha" was inspired by the Akashic Records, the thought and theory that everything that was, is and ever will be is before us, we just need to tap into it.  The same applies to nature, it provides all we need for our nutrition and wellbeing, even for our skin! 
Akasha Beauty Oil is made from organic cold pressed sunflower seed oil and only the purest and organic essential oils.  Our beauty oil absorbs into your first five layers of skin, hydrating and protecting skin's natural barrier.  
Safe for all skin types. 
Won't clog pores. 
100% All Natural Ingredients


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