Ancient Beauty Oils

Can We Learn Anything From Historic Skincare?

The desire for healthy age-defying skin isn’t new. Humans all over the world have found ways to protect ourselves from sun, wind, frost and the appearance of age-related changes.

Most modern skincare products are actually based on traditions going back thousands of years. 

The same is true for carrier oils like this one.

A carrier oil helps deliver dissolved essential oils and other ingredients into the skin so they’re more easily absorbed. 

The Egyptians used olive and sesame for sun protection and to reduce the signs of aging. (these were Cleopatra’s favorite)

In Greece a mixture of beeswax and olive oil was used to smooth skin and remove makeup.

Various cultures in Africa used emu oil for thousands of years as a cosmetic treatment.

In the Middle Ages a mixture of avocado and macadamia nut oils were a popular skincare treatment.

The best way to obtain these oils is cold pressing the seeds, followed by filtration. 

This method was known and available in antiquity. Therefore, it is not surprising that our ancestors quickly began to use the gifts of nature rich in useful substances.

Back then, contamination was common. They didn’t have the knowledge of bacteria, sanitization and filtration we have today.

The sourcing, growing conditions, and extraction were vastly different and the qualities of their cosmetic oils changed with each season.

We’re lucky to have the science, technology and sustainable farming practices we have today that allow us to produce high grade oils.

The ancients would have loved Akasha Beauty Oil!

Sunflower Seed Oil for Face and Body

Thank you for being part of our mission for natural, healthy skincare.

And as always, be well!

With Love,
Kriss and the Akasha Beauty Team 💖

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